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We offer complete solutions for water and sludge treatment when it comes to tunnels and construction pits, including water recycling. We also supply environmental logs. 

● Mobile treatment container with technical room and two sedimentation chambers, each of 16m3. The most common layout is 2 sedimentation containers in addition of 35 m3 each.

● Can be used both outside and inside tunnels and mountain halls Flexible in relation to capacity. Increases capacity considerably by supplementing with 1 to 2 sedimentation containers.

● Uses C02 as pH-regulating medium, regulated automatically. Uses flocculant to increase sedimentation capacity, regulated automatically.

● We offer a treatment method for sludge which we mainly focus on stabilization with a stabilization chemical.

● Full notification system on SMS.

● All date goes to a report generator that easily generates reports. We have experience in recycling / reusing the water.

● In the winter, a red. the costs of cold protection of the facility by having it inside the tunnel or mountain hall.

● The system is easily transported from place to place as it is based on a hook container.

● Affordable.

● Low personnel requirements.

● Here we use the same mobile treatment plant as for the tunnel.

● In addition to the mobile treatment plant, we usually install a sedimentation container of 35 m3 here.

● In connection with sludge / clay treatment, we also use a sludge stabilizing chemical here.

● We now supply environmental loggers to be able to check, e.g. turbidity and pH in, for example, a stream or sea.

● The loggers can also be operated with a solar panel for charging the battery.

● They can also be integrated into a mobile water treatment plant. The loggers are online and also warn of low battery voltage.

● The process containers are intended for larger purification processes where the water volumes are larger and it requires more control of the process, more pumps involved and greater requirements for where the water is to be directed. The container can be 10 or 20 feet in size and consists mainly of the same components as on the mobile treatment plant, but in addition there is a large main pump installed, more advanced control and 3-4 valves among other things.

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